Thea Stilton and The Ice Treasure : 09 (Geronimo Stilton #09), is a children’s book ideated and written by Elisabetta Dami.

In this book, the Thea sisters travel to Alaska for a conference held by the Green Mice, who are an ecological association. The Thea Sisters consist of Nicky, Colette, Pamela, Paulina and Violet. The five of them enjoy their trip in Alaska, exploring beauty and wonderful ecosystems. Meanwhile, the Thea Sisters find out that someone has planned to disturb the ecosystem by blowing up the ice with explosives. Will the Thea Sisters be able to stop the destruction and save the ice in time? The book also includes the history of Alaska which makes it interesting and educational for the children.

This book makes use of dynamic illustrations with lots of pictures which are fun for children to read. The book also makes use of various colors and fun fonts that makes the book attractive to children.

Thea Stilton and The Ice Treasure : 09 (Geronimo Stilton #09) by Elisabetta Dami was published by Scholastic Inc. in 2011 and is available in paperback.

  • Publisher : Scholastic India; Reissue edition (1 December 2011)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 176 pages


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