About Us

Founded by Mr.A.K.Kuppuram in July 2001, Turningpoint is located in the heart of the city with more than 50000 titles on display.

An independent family owned bookstore, looked after by SuryaPreethy daughter of Mr.A.K.Kuppuram.  Turning Point regularly hosts book fairs, authors meet and storytelling sessions all around the year.

SuyraPreethy has 20 years experience in books trade and she is the Founder and Director of Madurai’s first Children’s Literary Festival – Oru Oorula.

AK Kuppuram

“I may not be well-read and love reading comics. But I want our children to be passionately interested in reading. Selling books is not a profession but a service. The reader alone enjoys reading the book he picks up and to help him choose the best book is my interest.”

A.K. Kuppuram, Founder - Turning Point