The Grand Chapati Contest


When the Royal Chapati Cook quits, there is no one to make the fluffy-puffy chapatis that the king loves. Can they find another champion chapati maker at the Grand Chapati Contest?


When the chief chapati cook quits his job at the palace, there is no one to make the fluffy-puffy chapatis that the King loves. So the Queen organises a grand chapati contest to find a new champion chapati maker. Cooks arrive from far and near with their special chapati-making tools and their special helpers. Which one of them will win the Grand Chapati Contest?

Illustrator: Chetan Sharma

Published by Duckbill Books (an imprint of Penguin Random House)

For children 4 – 7 years

About the Author

Asha Nehemiah writes books for children of all ages: picture books, chapter books, short stories and mystery novels. Her fiction is characterised by humour and a spirit of adventure. Apart from her signature wacky mysteries, she has also dealt with thought-provoking issues like the need to embrace diversity and to curb domestic violence. Her books for children have been translated into Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Assamese and Urdu.

Some of her books are Granny’s SariThe Rajah’s MoustacheThe Mystery of the Secret Hair Oil FormulaThe Mystery of the Silk UmbrellaMeddling Mooli and the Blue-Legged Alien.Early E

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