Cutout Books – Goddesses – Paperbacks – 4 books set


Om Kidz cut out story books – Goddesses – 4 books set

Suitable for 3-6 years

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Om Kidz – Goddesses cutout books paperbacks – 4 books set – Kali, Durga, Saraswati and Lakshmi.

The demon, raktabeej has a boon from Brahma which allows him to live forever. With such powers, he sets out to destroy the universe. There is only one way to stop him. It is the entry of the destroyer of all evil, goddess Kali!.

The gods and asuras are fighting for the immortality nectar-amrit. To help the gods and humans, a goddess appears and saves the day! In this tale of love and abundance, enjoy the saga of goddess Laxmi!.

There is havoc in the world when the asura lay siege under the demon, mahishasura. A goddess comes to set the world in balance. This is the story of the universal protector, goddess Durga!.

Brahma needed to create the world but he could not do it alone. Guess who come to the rescue?- The goddess of wisdom herself. In this tales of wonder, enjoy the creation and legend of goddess Saraswati!.

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