Gajapati Kulapati Kalicha Kulicha (Tamil)


The adorable elephant of Ashok Rajagopalan’s runaway hit series is back! aaachooo! Kalabalooosh! Gurrburrroom! And now –KALICHA KULICHA… Gajapati Kulapati dances in the mud. KALICHALOOOOCHA… he rolls in the mud. But when it’s time for a bath, he runs away…!

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Sneezy colds, tummy aches, water fun in the hot sun, no-to-baths, are all a child’s everyday scuffles at home with parents. No wonder the books are a hit with everyone from 2+ to 60+! With new sounds, familiar folk and zingy pictures, Gajapati Kulapati Kalicha Kulicha! is yet another laugh-out-loud read-aloud.

  • Publisher : Tulika Publishers (1 January 2012)
  • Language : Tamil
  • Paperback : 24 pages
  • Author : Ashok Rajagopalan
    Illustrator : Ashok Rajagopalan

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