by Ravinder Singh


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Can Love Happen Twice?

In today’s generation, love and relationships have lost the profound effect that they used to have. In a generation where people want to experience non-committal relationships; where love has been reduced to physical intimacy and larger-than-life displays of feelings, Ravinder Singh pens down his story where he portrays the long lost charm and magic of commitment and love. But, after having experienced the terrible loss of a loved one, is it possible to love someone that deeply and immensely again? Can you bare your soul and let yourself vulnerable in front of someone again, knowing that you are risking yet another terrible heartbreak?

Fiction interweaved with non-fiction

Consistent readers of Ravinder Singh’s novels have attested that ‘Can Love Happen Twice?’ can be treated as a sequel to Singh’s bestselling ‘I Too Had A Love Story’. While the readers came across the passionate and realistic love that Rabin felt for Khushi in ‘I Too Had A Love Story’ and eventually dealt with the tragedy of her death, ‘Can Love Happen Twice?’ portrays how even true love can happen more than once. As Ravin meets Simar, he finds the pain in his heart decrease and develops a liking for her; although Simar is no replacement for Khushi. That’s how complicated and grey-shaded the area of love is. What’s devastating is that he suffers the loss of love yet again, as things don’t work out with Simar. Simar leaves him on the same day that he lost Khushi. A book that explores pain and misery and worldly emotions so intensely, is a must have for all book-lovers out there.

About The Author

Ravinder Singh is an Indian author born on February 4, 1982. His first novel ‘I Too Had A Love Story’ was well-acclaimed because it describes events transpired in Ravinder Singh’s own life; yet he writes stories in such a way that they do not come across as mere biographies and are relatable to common people. He worked at Infosys and Microsoft before becoming a full-time author.


  • Publisher : Penguin Random House India; Latest edition (6 November 2013)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 224 pages

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